Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Oh look! A free moment!

So, what do I do? Spend it on LJ, of course. :p

Medical Blooper for Aug 12/13

A patient asks her nurse, "Now, what is your name again? I'm sorry for asking again; I'm getting so forgetful I could hide my own Easter Eggs!"

Yep, something like that. *sigh*

This weekend was spent very low key, as usual. Thomas played WoW on Saturday and asked me, somewhere in there, wistfully, if I would level his character to 20 (he was 16 at the time.) What's a mom to do? I spent Sunday leveling his character and getting a bunch of his quests done (he's not so good at keeping track of those). Picked up some flight points for him. Most unfortunate that Rachet connects to nothing else he's got (Alliance) and neither does Booty Bay. But he's got them when he needs them, right? Sure.

I also got him to 20, and have most of his skills bought. Need a touch more money to get the rest. Also, I think the character is high enough level for me to consider finding Bite 3 and Claw 3 for him. But I know where to find THOSE.

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