Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Vasomotor Rhinitis

Considering my eyes don't tend to water, changing venues makes no difference and the season plays no part, this is no big surprise. I was rather surprised to learn that vasomotor rhinitis and migraines go together, however.

The good news is: No long shot schedules! No need to move (if it had been mold this apartment would have had to go)! The Allergist even has something he thinks (with the help of studies, of course) will work better than the Nasonex. Flonase. Which has gone generic, so no samples But he does have samples of his second best choice - Astelin. I am dearly hoping the Flonase a) tastes better and b) works better. Astelin leaves this wretched bitter taste at the back of my throat that makes tropical punch taste like cough medicine. bleh.

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