Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

50/50 Sierra Mist/OJ is good stuff.

I wish I could wake up.

I wish I could muster up some more excitment about Ren Fest. AT this point, I am currently only excited because of the people I will get to see. But I have heard good things about Chess Match and the openning skit, so I am looking forward to those.

I wish I could run with the big dogs in WoW. Getting the equivalent of 'you're too little' after expressing an interest in a quest with a reward I've been salivating over is damn depressing. I couldn't concentrate after that and just... well, I quit playing for the evening. But then...

I wish my back would stop hurting. And then my legs would stop hurting.

You know, I am not sure I am in the best of moods today. Maybe it's lack of sleep or something.

Edit: The cool weather is fabulous. I wish I were in a better mood to enjoy it. Maybe I will spend a break out in the courtyard - I think I need some sun.

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