Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Medical Blooper for 6 September 2006

After delivery, I embarrassingly dropped the baby. My hands swooped down and miraculously managed to hold onto the slippery mass. The father looked at me with horror and relief, and muttered, "You'll never made wide receiver."
"Fair catch," I retorted, "It never touched the ground."
The mother, oblivious to what had happened, turned to the nurse and said, "Men! All they ever talk about is football!"

On the less funny side, taking I-435 down to only 2 lanes in either direction at Metcalf is such a bad idea. Doing so for 2 weeks is even worse. And I can't think of particularly viable alternate routes. Booger.

I am to make 8 experimental batches this week, where I have been warned things go blewie if I make them up wrong (not explode, more like... gel). No sarcasm: this should be fun. Yes, I am weird.

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