Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I keep meaning to journal this and keep forgetting. WoW really does eat my brain.

The lane reductions on I-435 at Metcalf were removed on the 13th - 7 days early. Not complaining, but, whoa! shock. I don't know if they really finished what they were doing early, decided on their own to find a way to get three lanes in there, or if they were told they WILL find a way to get three lanes in there, because the accidents were too much. No matter what, I do appreciate the change in plans.

I came into work one dewy morning last week and thought it odd that there was obvious water below a few cracks in the asphalt on the parking lot. About mid-day an almost-unheard-of thing happened: the intercom was used, several owners of specific cars were requested to contact security IMMEDIATELY. I thought maybe there had been an accident with several parked cars involved. None were mine, so I tried not to let it distract me too much.

On leaving the building at the end of the day I found that several slots had been emptied of cars and there was a backhoe in their place. THEN I noticed the rather odd humps in the pavement with water rather more than mearly trickling out. Ooops. I think they uncovered and fixed the leak the next day, but the hole in the pavement is still there, waiting for asphalt.

Maybe it's just that I have only every done instances with my priest, but I have noticed a strange tug-of-war between the warrior (as the tank, and therefore the point person) and the priest (healer). It's in the best interests of a warrior to move on to another target while they have their rage on, but a priest without mana is a useless, soft target. Thus a healer acts as a break on the speed of progression through an instance (or any fighting environment where you can go from one thing to kill to another, really), while the warrior tends to be an engine. The others in the raid pretty much follow along.

My brother told me Hunters are often the ones to pick the next target for the raid, and thus a warrior would wait on them, but I haven't had that happen yet, even though I have fought with a hunter or two.

But I had the odd experience of being both the healer AND the point-person pace setter. There was my priest, two mages, a hunter and a warrior going through Razorfen Downs (my second time through). About the time we got to the final death spiral, the warrior had to AFK for 15-20 minutes. The rest of us thought about it for a little while and said 'Heck, might as well try!" and went on without him. One of the mages took the 'director' position, if not the lead and pointed out I had 'Shackle Undead' and this was a GOOD thing. Whoa.... I had never had a reason to use that before. Cool. But what it tended to mean was, me shackling the strongest part of a group of monsters was the sign to start attacking. A priest... as fight starter. Just too funny.

Of course, there was the run through Shadowfang Keep at about 15 levels above the instance and only one companion where my priest was the tank....

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