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The east was beautiful during the latter half of the drive into work… - Melodramatic, corsetted mistress of the obscure
September 22nd, 2006
07:48 am


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The east was beautiful during the latter half of the drive into work this morning. High swirled clouds caught the rosy glow of the still-unrisen sun. Of course, the unrisen nature of the sun tells me Daylight Savings is about to end - it puts the sun right back in my eyes. But then, I think Daylight Savings is ending later this year? By two weeks? Maybe it won't be right in my eyes.

We have what we call Batch Records here at work, where we detail the steps we must take to make a batch of a drug. The client sees this document and signs off on it before we execute it. At the same time we make the BR, we make an internal document for inventory purposes. We try to keep these together, but that means the internal document often gets scanned in with the BR. What this means is, if the client sees the inventory the first time they see the BR (they often will find things that need changing, so it can go back and forth a few times before signing) they expect to see it every time. But it's an internal document, so they shouldn't have seen it in the first place. I think I get too much pleasure telling them essentially 'No, you can't see it. Deal." Not in quite those words, of course.

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