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Came out to my car to find a flat tire. AGAIN. On a day I am supposed to pick up Thomas. AGAIN. Furthermore, on a day both P and D are out of town. AGAIN. It was a screw. AGAIN. Right in the middle of the tread. AGAIN. Only things different were the time I found it (didn't have to stay late today) and the position of the wheel. (front left rather than back right). Oh, and road side assistance got caught behind an accident and was 30 minutes later than expected. But Honda Care will pay for that part, not me. I just have to pay for the tire to be fixed or replaced.

On the other hand, 55 mph means I got something around 55-59 mpg on the way home. The hills and stop-and-go of town sucked that down about 3 mpg, though.

I hurt. My head, my jaw, my shoulders, my neck.

And, to top it off, I go to make a new WoW to transfer Thomas' character to, so I don't have to worry about him playing when I want to and transfers are 'temporarily unavailable at this time'. Lord only knows if that means 'this hour' or 'this week'.

I very much hurt.

Edit: And I was so with it, I bought a Warcraft III box, rather than a World of Warcraft box. Probably going to have to eat this one, as I don't know what I did with the receipt.

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