Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Much fun had this weekend.

Much tiredness had right now. ;)

My brain is still fuzzy, so you will only get the highlights that I can access right now. ;P

John Ringo was hysterical as the Toastmaster.

Next thing I can really remember is standing in front of the door to the Art Show reading about the Regency dancing and mourning the fact that I had missed the beginning of the classes when I hear over my shoulder something to the effect of 'staring at that will make you dizzy'. Familiar voice, trusted, even, that liked to tease (but no identification, at least not consciously), so I studied the sign, trying to figure out what the heck he meant, rather than turning around to figure out who he was. I figured I better have a reply before I turned around. :) I came to the conclusion the voice was referring to the border of the sign, which was quite busy. I waved a negligent hand at the border and complained 'but I'm not looking at that' and turned around. Seantaclaus! Hugs! He was showing his mother around. I said 'look! I am awake the same time you are'. He replied that I was USUALLY awake at this time. Oh. Yeah. :p

I had decided it was my mission, which I chose to accept, to prove that I COULD, indeed, stay awake while he was. I COULD. I WOULD. darn it.

I then wandered in the Art Show for a bit, then wandered around the various attractions, until after 10, at which point it was past my bed time and I started to hunt the man down to prove I was still awake. No dice. He was nowhere to be found. Rat. I gave up relatively early (11:30 or so) comforting myself with the though that there was Saturday night yet to go and went to bed.

Saturday included being talked into entering my green gown into the Masquerade (pics starting here ), getting my bangs into a nice arrangement that would have gone *poof* with a single gust of wind (more's the pity), having our Artist Guest of Honor (Jody A. Lee) sketch me in my green gown for the Charity Auction and winning an award in said Masquerade. Sherry Dean won best of show – not unusual, but very correct, as she had a wonderful Fiona-as-Ogre costume. :)

The hunt for Seantaclaus began again. Wandering from room-party, to room party, to ConSuite in that big green gown, looking, chatting, getting too hot. Changed into much lighter (and smaller) pink top, black skirt and blue corset and was much more comfortable. I think it was around midnight when I decided to check downstairs. I hit the call button for the elevator and waited. The bell goes off, the doors open and guess who was in the elevator?! The very man I am looking for! I accuse him of hiding from me, he explains he went to sleep (I seem to remember the words ‘passed out’ ;) ) soon after he saw me Friday night and didn’t get up until after one (don’t remember exactly). Did I mention rat? ;p

Had a very pleasant time hanging out with him until 4, when I headed back to my room. Now, I have been told alcohol is a sedative, but you couldn’t prove it by me then. I spent a half hour getting ready for bed (no wonder I quit wearing make-up on a regular basis!) and tidying the room for checkout, then spend another half hour or so trying to make my mind spin down to sleep.

Woke at 6:15. Groaned and went back to sleep. Woke at 8. Stayed that way. Bah!

After moving my stuff to the car and having breakfast at Waffle House (What diet?!) I hung out in the lobby watching people go by and chatting. Pari was adorable, as usual. Managed to snag Sean’s attention for a bit before he left (wow. Both awake in the middle of day? No way!) at 2, then went to the Charity auction to snap up the sketch (Me? Narcissistic? Say it ain’t so!) and picked up a toy horse John Ringo had signed (for those that don’t know, he was supposed to be a guest last year, but a horse threw him just days before the Con).

Closing ceremonies was right after that, which included the awarding of certificates for the Masquerade. I showed off the sketch. :) Harold has a pic of it. Maybe he will post it. I wonder how the copyright goes for things like that…..

Well, after closing ceremonies I notice our Toastmaster at the back of the room and FINALLY realized what I had forgotten to bring - ANYTHING for him to sign. :O *whimper* Being the fangirl I am, I went up and garbled an account of being very fond of his March series and being a complete idiot about having anything for him to sign. (I considered the sketch, but resisted.) He admitted somewhat later to being a sucker for a pretty, well-endowed woman, which pretty much has to explain what happened next. He decided to try to wheedle one of his books out of one of the dealers and off we went. The dealers were packed up. My brother Geoff (WONDERFUL brother Geoff!) offered his copy he had just picked up, which he would ‘give’ me.

Then there was the question of what flat surface to write on. There was the registration table just three steps to the side, but did I do more than hesitantly point that way? Heck no! First he considered the floor, (saying that on his knees at my feet was the proper position to be in. :D ) but decided against it. I offered my back, but after considering it he decided against it. Then he just used a raised knee. See, he didn’t want everyone reading it. :D After reading it, I turned bright red and refused to let anyone else (except my brother) read it while giggling hysterically. It was GREAT. And, if you are REALLY good, I might tell you. :D Privately.

At this point he declared himself hungry and wanting steak at a REAL KC steak place, his treat. I got to steal the Toastmaster! :D Took him (along with my brother and Mike P.) to the Hereford House at 20th and Main. Got lost in the process (I am thinking there was a piece missing from the directions I got over the phone….) but made it there and got the last parking place in the lot.

Dinner was great and he told me pretty much the whole plot of the next March book. Some people might be upset by this, but not me. Oh no! Not me. :D

We came back, talked outside the doors while John smoked a cigar (I having pointed out that I can’t set more than one foot inside the smoking ConSuite) and I made a call to see when I needed to be a mommy again and was told that Thomas had a swimming engagement Monday morning and I didn’t really need to be mommy until noon. Dead Dog party, here I come!

I proceeded to attach myself to John (with his complicity) for the evening, giving him excuses to move off when the crowd got too thick. He signed a book for ConBarbie very similarly to mine, just with a different time and much joking ensued. His PDA went off, telling him he had an appointment with the bellydancers (who wanted to talk about a story one of them had) at 11. He said he didn’t really expect them to come back and stayed in the ConSuite. At some point (11:30?) he must have decided he’d had enough of crowds and we wandered down to the empty lobby, where the bellydancers found him. They HAD remembered the appointment. :) So, the five of us went back to his room so we would all have places to sit and talked. Some about writing and getting things past slush piles, some about some really funny stories he had to tell. I knew I had to be mommy soon, so I left at 1. Woke at 7. Bah, humbug!

Need sleep.

BUT! *Bounces in her seat* I STOLE THE TOASTMASTER! :D


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