Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

It's WoW again.

But, no, really, this is a shocking development. Shocking to me, at least, and I am the one that did it.

I PvP'ed.

You're not all shocked, are you? Well, I am. I never, ever thought I would deliberately go up against another human being in a video game. Ever.

The fact that PvP is a twitch-fest compared to PvE didn't hurt this assumption.

But I went into Warsong Gulch (PvP battleground) with my little level 18 rogue (not completely clueless, I waited until she was at the upper end of her level bracket) expecting to die, over and over, without making much account of myself. But you get one Mark of Honor for losses (three for wins) and a little honor toward rank (rather more for wins). And, since there are 10 combatants per side, I didn't expect my skill to determine the winner.

I was shocked to find I COULD make kills. That I would have kills to my name by the end of the battle, and even killing stokes. And, once or twice, was third or fourth amoung such.

But I learned that twitch game play and twinking (geared up with THE VERY BEST the game offers to any particular level) is a harsh combination. WackWackWackDead was my lot on a few runs. I would very much like to know how they moved SO FAST for SO LONG. Makes a body wonder about speed hacks, it does.

Anyway, I hung out for three wins and six losses (I know this because you turn in the Marks three at a time and I made sure I had no Marks left taking up inventory space).

The most long drawn out battles were when both sides were very good at playing 'hide the flag'. :P And then one side or the other would taunt the opposition by dropping the flag (global message) and pick it right back up again (also a global message).

Some of those PvP'er are entirely too dedicated - they had figured out how to manipulate the language filters to trash talk the Horde in Common. I hated that run.....

Then there was the run that was at 2 and 2 flag captures where I and about three others started defending our flag. It took the Alliance side three failures to change tactics, but then it was all over. :p

I plan to go back today. Glutton for punishment?

Oh, and I learned that rank only shows up after Tuesday's maintenance. Wonder what I am up to.....

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