Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Either sweet potato pie looks and tastes very much like pumpkin pie, or this was mis-labled. (a note: there was both 'sweet potato' and 'southern sweet potato' pies. I went with the plain versions.) Tasty, either way.

Boss is out for at least two weeks. Project from hell can't wait that long, so we will be doing it short handed. weee. It has, however, been pushed back a bit. Which is good, since the batch records aren't done yet, anyway.

The guys doing the alterations to so much of the building tripped the fire alarm. We all filed out into the rain. They didn't, 'cause they knew why it was going off. I do hope they get SOME form of retribution for that. But I can be vindictive that way.

I come in tomorrow morning at 5 am again (this project has been pushed back by equipment failures and we had BETTER not push it back more with mistakes). This time, I get to meet the client and let them in the gate (security doesn't man the gate until 6 or so)

On the other hand, the headache of yesterday is gone, and so is the pain in my jaws when I chew. I think I can blame both those on the dust from Saturday. I will be very, very relieved when tomorrow's project is done.
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