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Ah, a day off. I got quite a bit done, actually.

The patch was slated to start at 6 a.m. PST, but since it started at 8 our time, I think Alex "Ibn" Beckers meant "D" not "S". (Ibn is Turbine's liaison between themselves and the players. His job is to make announcements, answer questions and keep his finger on the pulse of the players, so he can represent them to the Dev team. Is that not cool?! And darned unusual. And he's done an amazing job of staying in the players' good graces. I didn't think that was possible. That man is incredibly diplomatic. But I digress.)

So, I had a certain amount of non-AC time, since the patching process took a bit longer than usual (nearly the whole 5 hours allotted) and there was a little difficulty getting Verdantine (the new server) up and running. While I was waiting I got my skirt to the point it needs only trim, hemming and a waistband. Pleating some 120 inches into less then 30 was an interesting trick, but I think my solution looks pretty darn good. The fabric doesn't take a crease well AT ALL (so it doesn't wrinkle, either) so it very obvious where my seam lines are. sigh. But I have pockets in this one. The lovely tankard Ron found pulls all heck out of the lines of the dress when in the pocket, so I will have to disregard Yosa's perfectly good advice and hang it off a lanyard. Perhaps I will knot pearls or something into the lanyard. A parasol pocket is my next order of business on the skirt.

Oh, did I mention the fabric ravels like a SoB? (I can't find an up side to that.... Oh, I remember - It doesn't hold water much at all, so rain won't increase it's weight quite as badly as, say, cotton, or velvet.))

Well, having the skirt in almost done shape, I put on my corset, hoop and the skirt, then held my bodice mock-up in place. OH MY! OHMYOHMYOHMY! the lines are GORGEOUS. Just GORGEOUS. And it fits, of course, darn near perfectly. I was in raptures. I might want to confer with Yosa about where to put the boning. The top edge of my corset was, unfortunately, rather in evidence.

With that fitting, I had the courage to cut out my bodice in the over dress fabric. I then used fray check on all the edges, believe you me. The skirt unraveling as I worked was bad enough (even WITH stay stitching). Stay stitching all the edges of the bodice just wasnt' going to happen. I will see how well the fray check works.

I was person # 100 and something to enter Verdantine. Snapped up the name Solan (story - my brothers gave me heck for the name Solan Thommad because it takes so long to type it out correctly for /tells. Then, in AC2 beta, someone ELSE kept snapping up Solan before I could even log in, so.....It's MINE, gosh darn it!)

Made a mage, too, named Anani. Don't know how long she will last, poor thing. I just don't play mages well. Both characters are sworn into a role playing monarchy at an online friend's (dugfromthearth) suggestion.

Oh, yes, my bolt of silk arrived, and I was there to receive it. Too cool, that. Too cool. I got an email that my cheeptrims order has been sent. Still waiting on such an email for the beads. I am nearly all set, I am. Just gots lots and lots of work ahead of me. ;)
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