Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Yesterday was not a good day.

Okay, so, to start with, my boss (that I happen to like and respect) had a heart attack and is out for some unknown amount of time.

Yesterday I got up at 3:45 to head to work, drinking a Boost just before leaving the house at 4. Waited 15 minutes outside of Aptuit for the client, who could not get in without one of us (security isn't 'in' until 6 am or so and this is 5 am).

Things went almost as smoothly at expected (the heating and the API dissolution steps took about 30 minutes each longer than expected) until the pH step. That ended up taking SIX HOURS. SIX. HOURS. Because the only probe we could use would NOT equilibrate at anything faster than the speed a snail. It would take more than a half an hour to get ONE reading. And, on top of that, the client had a very firm idea about how much acid we could add to get the pH he wanted and IT WASN'T ENOUGH. We had to pretty much beg and plead to add more, (and even then, the pH just would NOT budge. This isn't supposed to be the buffering point of the product. Really.) We would bring samples to the experimental lab (for information only, since we couldn't USE that data) and it would equilibrate SO MUCH quicker. And slightly lower, too.

Did I mention the client made us change the pH range from the 2.8 - 3.1 of the GLP batch to 2.8 - 3.0? And we could get 3.1 just fine? And that he added lots of 'checking' steps that kept failing? Or that he made us dissolve the API at two degrees lower than the GLP batch? Or that he was the one that insisted we had to compound and fill in one day, rather than the two of the GLP batch? Um... yeah. He was really good at making me not remember who was actually responsible for all that all day yesterday.....

Then, come to find out, the project from hell (compound on Monday, Tuesday 'off' while the assay is performed, then 10+ hour days for three days straight filling the damn stuff) will have us compounding ANOTHER Aseptic product on Tuesday, meaning we come in early AGAIN. But when, exactly are we going to have time to set up for all this? It's just not going to happen.

About 3 pm I realize I am not getting home by 5 and I have to break a date I was looking forward to. I cried into my locker after that for a bit. Remember, I HAVE NOT EATEN since 4 am.

We finally handed off the solution to aseptic for them to fill at almost 7 pm. Pity them, they were here until midnight.

The client still wanted to feed us, so the four of us went to Jack Stack, and after that I ferried the client BACK to Aptuit to drop food off for the aseptic crew, then took him to his hotel (since getting a cab into Aptuit after hours still wasn't happening and it was on my way out of town) and was finally free of all work entanglements by about 9, which put me home just before 10.

Strangely enough, my attitude could use some improving.
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