Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

How I spent my birthday.

After Dad got back from a necessary work thing in the morning, he, Mom, Thomas and I piled into the car and headed up to Manhattan. That's a trip I haven't taken in quite a long time and there has been quite a few changes to the (town based) scenery. This weekend was Parent's Weekend at K-State and my youngest brother's scholorship house was having an open house. After introductions all around and the announcement of a grades-based award (my bro was third in line) we were supposed to eat. But the chili feed we though was going to happen was actually for today, not yesterday, so we headed out (remember, it's Parent's Weekend), picked up the second youngest brother (who used to be in that same scholorship house, but now lives in an apartment) and headed to a Chinese Restaurant 'no one knows about'. And it seems they were very nearly right - there were only two tables filled when we went in. The food was good and plentiful and I got to spend time with my brothers in person.

After that we did some shopping for shoes for the college students (*snicker*) and had TCBY, got pictures with my brothers and headed back to Hutch. The youngest brother seemed to take a great deal of glee in draping his arm over my shoulders for the picture - without having to raise said arm very high. :p

Then the rest of my brothers and SIL filtered in and we had Mom's Chalupe with Grandma G. Today we are supposed to go to a Red Lobster in Wichita (since the Hutch one is very closed) with Grandma O, so I will have gotten to see all my family this weekend, if not all at one time. Pretty cool, all things considered.

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