Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

People can come up with some pretty darned amusing (and witty. Sometimes at the same time, even) guild names. One of my very most favorite (in WoW) is Horde d'Oeuvres (Aggramar). And just to prove that wasn't a fluke, the website is (Please don't eat us). And their tabard? Pink.... with a cupcake. I love seeing a pink tabard go by - always makes me smile, at least.

Then, there was this macro someone set up. Nothing at all to do with playability, and everything to do with humor. Mounts in WoW are an icon you click, spend a set amount of time 'using' and then suddenly you are mounted. Undead get a choice of Red, Brown or Blue Skeletal Horse (for their first mount). So, when I saw someone 'say' in local chat "Let's see: the instructions said 'just add water' and ... WHOA! Blue Skeletal Horse!" I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Must resist the urge to be a copy cat.

Names for Hunter's Pets have quite the scope, too. One of my guildmates has iPinch (crab) and iSpank (gorilla), but I wish I had written down the name of a crocolisk (crocodile, really) that had me whooping; cause it was so witty, I couldn't keep it in memory. :(

Anybody else have stories about names so witty they just have to be shared (doesn't have to be WoW at all)?
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