Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Nothing quite like staring at a deadline you fear you can't keep, but don't have the power to make things go faster. Why, oh why did that important bit of paperwork get interoffice mailed to me?! Three days lost.

Medical Bloopers for 15 Nov 06:

A "grand multip" from the hills, workworn, shoeless and toothless, arrived at our medical center for her fifteenth annual childbirth. The intern on the case suggested that perhaps she would like some birth control information or even sterilization. She looked at him scornfully, and replied, "What, and give up my vacation?"

Multip Multiparous. A women who has had more than one pregnancy and delivery. A 'grand multip' is a woman with 4 or more previous pregnancies and deliveries. from Wow. My mother is a grand multip.

Medical Bloopers for 16 Nov 06"


First trimester


First try missed her.

Freudian slip?

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