Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

At least four subjects. Bloopers, Fire, TG, and.. well, WoW. duh.

First, two Medical Bloopers:

Nov 25 -36, 2006

A visiting psychiatrist from India wrote the following in a patient’s note, “He is clearly psychotic this morning. He states he has a frog in his throat.”

Nov 27, 2006

I took my 5-year-old son to a new pediatrician. He placed my son on the exam table and introduced himself. He then held out his hand, and said, “Let’s shake.”
My son looked at him for a second and then said, “Okay.” He then began to shake is entire body.
The pediatrician laughed so hard. He looked at me, the mother, and stated, “That is why I went into pediatrics!”

There was some excitment here between Friday evening and Saturday morning (or so I am told by a co-worker that was here until Friday evening). Seems someone couldn't use the proper cigarette butt container that was all of 7 feet from the trash can they DID use. And the trash can burned to the ground. All that is left is a puddle of plastic, ash, some aluminum cans and the white powder of the extinguisher. And who ever put the fire out (pretty late, really) had to come all the way upstairs and halfway into the floor I work on to find an extinguisher... the downstairs is being remodelled. Most people on our floor are blaming the contractors for it. Of course, maybe it wasn't a cigarette butt, but if it wasn't, what was it?

Speaking of cigarettes, I smelled cigarette smoke in my apartment this morning and was annoyed. Then I stepped out into the common hallway and very nearly couldn't breathe for the smoke. I don't know who is responsible for it, but I surely don't thank them.

I am proud to say I did not play ANY WoW on Thanksgiving. Played a good bit of Munchkin with the my brothers and cousins, however. And then, on Black Friday, drove the youngest brother (like he couldn't drive himself nowadays) out to Hastings to pick up an expansion set (Unnatural Axe) to play some more. I picked up the first volume of the Trinity Blood manga. Honest, I just meant to make a costume, but I think I am now hooked....

My mother hen instict sure gets a work out in WoW. Somebody asks for directions in General chat, and I know the answer, I will stop what I am doing to answer the question. Someone sends a polite tell asking for help with a quest, I will very likely help, when playing alone. Someone asks about how to get First Aid above 150, I tell them. They wonder how to get to Dustwallow... I offer to go get the books for them. *rolls eyes at self*. The amusing part was bringing the books to her and finding her grouped with the alt of someone that I have helped before (he identified himself as such). It's a small world, for all the people that play.

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