Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

ZOMG! I'll never learn, will I?

Never, never, never pick up a book near bed time. Finally going to sleep after 2:30 does not make for a nice wakey-wakey. The fact that I didn't get in a wreck has more to do with no surprises then my reflexes this morning.

On the other hand, I am sure Anne McCaffery is off in the deep end (or her son is). Regardless of telepathic, teleporting, fire-breathing dragons, adding the healing power of crystal vibrations just totally broke it for me. Telling the story of minor characters from a previous story, in the same approximate time frame is still pretty cool, however. The fact that two of her characters really, really should have been quite dead under the circumstances goes over in the 'negative' column, while the fact that the book held me until I finished it goes in the 'positive'. So, I guess it was a wash: read the new Pern book if you want, or not, as you wish. She still can make villans I just want to wipe the floor with, however.

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