Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

No, really, it's family related.

WoW, yes, but still family related.

Aydena was finally judged 'big enough' to run with the big dogs! Yay! She's pretty much a charity case, but since at least one of the brothers dreams of running All Family instances in the future, she gets to run with the Well Geared 60s (in some cases Extremely Well Geared 60s), so as to get Well Geared herself.

First was a five man for Scarlet Stratholme (I usually just hear it called Live Strat). One of the members of GR* needed some Orbs that drop there, so the party was put together. Aydena spent all her time and mana healing and STILL didn't out heal Mustafar (shaman), but I was told not to feel bad about that - very few can out heal him. We wiped once at the very beginning when we somehow managed to gain agro from two groups (Aydena died first, but she was getting bombarded from rather far away - I suspect healing aggro on new mobs.) After that, it was pretty smooth sailing. Aydena now has The Archevist done.

After Foederati wiped repeatedly to Noth in Naxxramus (the newest obsession), a 10 man for Upper Black Rock Spire (UBRS) was put together. My SiL had homework, so neither she nor my middle brother attended (they play together for the most part) so GR was one person short of the 10 - we brought someone in from Foederati. It must have been odd for him to realize he was the 'odd man out' in a group heavy with Foederati.

As seems to be traditional, we wiped once. :p But that was the only time Aydena died and I have NO idea why, unless she did such whimpy healing/damage compared to the others, she just never came very high on aggro (even when half the party was dead!). But, for the most part, it was really smooth and I got to see lots of new stuff.

After we cleared UBRS, the three 'newbies' (myself and two relatively casual GR members) were given a tour of Black Wing Lair. First, a new instance with all the mobs in place - we stood at the doorway and gawked. Then, with a change of leadership, we all when back in to the Foederati-cleared version for a walking tour. As the main tour guide was my eldest (and dryly humored) brother with asides from his twin (because that's they way they work), it was a very amusing tour.

A quote: "At that point, Neff lands here and heads straight for the healers, clever bastard."

We were all sad to realize that Aydena was too low level to Mind Control the Elementium-Smelting-teaching Goblin to show how that worked.. :( Three more levels!

But, UBRS was really sweet to Aydena and Noesmuerta (another 'newbie' - a mage). We got all sorts of cool stuff. Aydena got three things she needs another level to use (which is REALLY ODD coming from WoW) including a Devout Robe.

/Em is VERY happy about getting that.

/Em is practically dancing around, she is so happy about that.

Oh, and my tailor can make Mageweave bags now. This is a happy thing, too.

*the 'family' chat channel consisting of me, my brothers, my SiL and some honorary family - yes, there are enough of us to make a chat channel worthwhile. And, it lets people defuse their tempers with snarky comments without causing Teh Dramah.

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