Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

ZOMG! it's working.

This is picture heavy, so it's going behind a cut.

First off, though, this is all aurora_celeste's fault. She all but dared me to make this.

This is the original picture I am attempting to bring to life.

Now, looking at the underskirt in detail

it seemed to me that was long strips of folded material in a chevron design. Let's not think about which DIRECTION those strips are laying, as I am pretty sure they are open on the UPPER side. And the chevron points...down.

Anyway, I laid out my nice, thin silk on a gridded cutting board, pinned it square and laid the pattern piece for the front of the skirt on the bias line (this skirt is on the bias). I drew the pattern out on the silk, then ruled in the bias line and the grid in a chevron pattern around it.

You can see the result here (I hope you can see it, anyway)

I tore 3 inch strips of the silk and ironed them folded lengthwise. Then I lined up the open (doubled) edge of the strip with a guide line and sewed it down half a presser foot in. Did the same on the other side. Continued on each side, up the front of the piece and....

Here you can see it's working!

Again, we are totally ignoring the fact that it's... well... upside down. Sssshhhhh!

Tags: lilith

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