Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Molten Core, even when taken at a fast pace, is a long, hard slog. And I, a priest, died a lot. Had to repair before the last boss.

Healers play Whack-a-Mole. With competition, since the most entertainment, after a while, is to beat the other healers. I may have been way down on the healing charts, but, by golly, I had the most cleansing!

The truly new experience, however, was Mind Controlling certain NPCs in UBRS to put Fire Resistance buffs on the rest of the party for the last boss. That was really interesting, if a little chaotic at first.

I do wish the leader had been a little more detailed in his instructions (considering he complained at how 'green' the party was, you would think he would give newbie-type instuctions). I know there are better raid leaders in the guild. But who wants to do MC anymore? I suspect my twin brothers only offered to go to keep an eye on me, and Urnirus was positively gleeful to be released.

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