Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

a) Quintiles moved out of the building this week.

b) Many people are on vacation right now.

Intellectually, I know these two facts. Emotionally, I aparently don't, because being able to park in the second row (as opposed to the fifth or sixth) at 7:15 this morning really disturbed me. Actually, the emptiness of the parking lot has disturbed me all week.

This morning I went down to the cafeteria for the last time, for my last cafeteria-made belgian waffle. I ended up crying and giving 'Momma' a hug. I am going to miss them all, and I don't trust this new 'catered in' meal concept Aptuit is moving to here, but it will be in place when I come back to work Jan. 2. Nope, don't trust this at all.

On the happier (to me) side, I should leave work about 11:15 and won't be back until Jan. 2, I plan to see my family for Christmas, and infect my two youngest brothers with the fansubbed Trinity Blood disk. So, that's all good.

Did I mention that when I cry, my eyes get really bloodshot and it's really frakking obvious I have been crying?

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