Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Oh! Now I remember

There was something else I wanted to mention. After starting to show my youngest bro Trinity Blood, he decided I needed to watch Trigun... which certain other brothers, who would be arriving later, owned.

So, I have seen Trigun. The first few eps were hystical, if only in a comically stupid way. After a while, though, it got preachy. (oh, and some of the speeches? eye rolling, I am telling you. I would do the 'talkytalk' hand move, too). It got me thinking though. Why do I dislike preaching? I came to the conlusion that, if something is actually, patently true, it really only needs to be mentioned (if articulated at all) once. Because it's patently obvious.

But, if what you have to say ISN'T actually, patently true, but is, actually, slightly off, you have to keep repeating yourself, because people who actually think go 'pffft' and people who don't think.. well, you got a chance if you try for the osmosis approach.

Perhaps I am being a bit hard... but Trigun's chosen message left me thinking these people are cracked. You really CAN'T protect both the spider and the butterfly and no amount of restating 'Killing anything is wrong' is going to change that.

I liked Trinity Blood better. It's prettier, it's not terribly preachy (at least.. not with speeches. Seems to me, Abel is fully aware of how unworkable his promise is, but is just too darn stubborn to abandon or alter it.) and the only ones with eye-rolling speeches are the bad guys. *Remembers episode 12* Okay, and one semi-badguy. (I swear, it didn't seem near as bad subbed as dubbed. I may have to get that disk back from youngest bro and watch them back to back.)

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