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In which I whine, so you may want ot skip it. But I wouldn't mind some sympathy.

After spending a good part of a month trying to get a formula written just right with much sending of emails to the client for confirmation, and with only three working days left before we have to execute the batch record, the client informs me I have to use a totally different number as a 'correction factor'. Oh, and can I change the name of the active ingredient? They don't like 'Drug Substance' tacked on the end. This requires me to changed the internal ID (two other people involved) and the formulation in our system (two OTHER other people involved) and the batch record (FOUR other people). I can only overlap those changes a little bit, as each is dependent on the previous.

I don't believe I can think coherently enough about this to explain the why and wherefores of this 'correction factor'. Or just how much I went through trying to get them to explain to me what they wanted, only to find I was told completely wrong. Or just why changing this is a major pain in the tail requiring a certain amount of grovelling on MY part, even though I tried so hard not to have to do this in the first place.

And I am supposed to set up the Potent Drug Suite for this project, which I have never done, nor shadowed someone who has, and the person I was counting on to show me what all needed to be done has sick children today.

And, to top it all off, my treacherous body won't. stop. bleeding. which scares me silly.

I want to go home, but there's no one to pick up my slack.
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