Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I don't think I could be a professional seamstress. I have made quite a number of corsets for myself. If I made mistakes I would do a kind of triage: Can it stay, or do I have to undo/remake it for the structural integrity of the garment? If the integrity isn't in question, is the work required worth the change? That sort of thing. I think every single one of my corsets have 'issues' that were more work to correct than the correction seemed worth.

There were a number of times while making rowangolightly's corset where, if it had been mine, I would have just left the mistake, but because it was going to someone else, I ripped it out and redid it, whatever it was.

And now, with the garment out of my hand and in hers, my backbrain is having a field day tormenting me with all the things that have never gone wrong before... but could.

Typical internal conversation:

Fear: The seams may just burst.

Superego: They never have before.

Fear: But they may just burst. Remember, that one I did at 6 s/i was easy to pull.

Superego: Yes, it was. That's why I ripped out all the finishing and oversewed it at 8 s/i.

Fear: But, the seams could still rip out.

Superego: Look, this insistance is the reason I double sewed all but the first two at both 6 and 8 s/i. Okay? Can I drop this? If my corsets haven't burst a seam, this one REALLY isn't going to. No, not even the two with just 8 s/i. Shut up about this.

Fear: The seams may still burst. Also, there is no waist tape.

Superego: No, I didn't put in a waist tape. I have NEVER put in a waist tape. And only one corset (with HIP GORES) might actually have needed one. This corset does NOT have hip gores.

Fear: There still isn't a waist tape. Oh, and the busk may break. It's not new, after all.


Strangely, I have no fears about the grommets, when I have had actual issues with them once or twice. Totally irrational.

I wonder how much of this might just be hormonal, and how much has to do with the corset being meant for a fellow seamstress.

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