Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Wil Wheaton (you know, over at his website... okay, I get the RSS feed) reminded me of sniglets.

The one I remember best was 'lactomangulation: the act of trying to open a carton of milk, usually from the wrong side... and failing.' I have lactomangulated many milk cartons in my time, some of them even from the right side.

There was a riff on 'ambidextrous' that involved the ability to change the temperature of water running into a tub with one's toes. (EDIT: ooo, ooo, someone else also remember that one! Aquadextrous!)

and the one I am VERY good at, but can't remember the word at all - the ability, when given a set of double doors (one of which is locked while the other isn't) to slam into the locked one.

Edit2: I remembered another one. Toilet toupee - A shaggy cover for a toilet lid that makes the lid top heavy, causing problems for male users.

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