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Type "Exmouth, Western Australia" into the search field. You should see the place I lived from the age of 14 to 17, but that's not what I want to show you. Follow the road north to the tip of the cape. You will see an odd hexagon. Center on it, switch to satallite veiw (if not there already) and start zooming in. First, you will notice a bright white rectangle. Eventually you will realize it's a building. Then you will notice there's a tower coming out the middle of it. Please, have a look at the shadows. That building is THREE STORIES TALL. The tower was, until about 20-30 years ago, the tallest structure in the eastern (southern?) hemisphere. That is what is called Tower Zero and the center of the Very Low Frequency array the US Navy used to use to communicate with it's submarines.

Between the VLF and Exmouth is Nav(al) Com(munication) Sta(tion) Harold E. Holt. And I could probably tell you what building was what, if we were in the same room. ;)

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