Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Oh, auroraceleste I am a bad, bad girl.

A very happy, but still bad girl.

I went to Best Buy to pick up tax software. Honest, that was all I meant to do. But then...I drifted over to the anime section (as you do, 'cause it's so close, after all). Just wanted to see if they had Trinity Blood.... idle curiousity, I thought.

But then... I decided I needed to OWN them. I started pulling out each volume and noticed one felt different... why is this in a cardboard box and feels so much heavier?

teeny, tiny letters Collector's Edition.

I was lost from that moment on. I found Collector's Editions of volumes II through IV.


Sooooooooo.... I will be bringing them along on Thursday, so we can all drool over them together, k?
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