Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Went Lilith shopping.

First I MUST thank those of you that suggested US Toy. Not only did I pick up the bangles, but I found some rockin' nails and some silver-tone 'magic wands' that will be PERFECT for the 'handlebars' Lilith has on her head.

Now, it seems that lotus blossoms just aren't all that popular for flower arranging (color me surprised) but I think I found some flowers that will let me fake it. Will take some modifying, though.

I picked up some fabric paint. Silver, metalic blue, white and black. Now, to do some testing before attempting to make the finished product.

Oh, Google Image search is a stupendous thing. All sorts of snowflake patterns for me to play with.

While wandering the various stores today if finally dawned on me that I wanted to paint hard plastic... and what are the modeling kits made of but... hard plastic! So, I bought two different 'silver' colored model spray paints for the bangles.

I also picked up some 'bridal' type appliqués for the hips of Lilith's overskirt, as well as more white and grey thread (I think I will do the 'button holes' with grey thread.) and a gorgous little circle of gems for the navel detail.

Things are coming together! I still need to pick up some chain (or something.... maybe silver cord?) and tassels, but I think I still have some time.
Tags: lilith

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