Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I am dragging my feet on altering the top for Lilith. The lapels don't bother me much, as they will be easily removed, but I really need to just removed the sleeves and put in the proper shaped ones and there's no easy way of reversing that. It's such a lovely top (I have to keep telling myself I will NEVER wear it anyway, but it's not helping just yet).

And the overskirt is large and will require backstrain to get cut out.

So, after finishing the corset, I turned my attention to the headdress. Or, the base, at least. Using the idea I had last week, I got a workable pattern first try! But I noticed her headdress is decidedly silvery, rather than white. It's just the detailing that is white. *second sigh*

I couldn't find any fabric that looked right, either. So, I am making s**t up as I go along. I Wonderundered my thinner white silk to black cotton and it seems to have worked. I have not taken pictures, however - not sure it will photograph well as it is. Once it has the contrasing white detail, though, I think it will look about right.

I am thinking white puff-paint for the details, but I have never worked with that before. This project continues to broaden my horizons.

Next step in avoiding-doing-anything-with-the-top: the collar. That ought to keep me occupied for a while.

I believe the wig-and-handbars really ought to be last, as it will be a PITA to find a place to store it. Ugh. Transport in a car is going to suck, too, but I can't think of realistic ways of breaking it down once it's put together.

Edit: Kij pointed out I haven't linked the original picture in a while.

So, here's the gallery with all the pics so far

And the link to the picture itself
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