Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Oh, the signs of spring.

Is it the opening buds on the trees?

The fresh green shoots from the earth?

The playful south wind?

No, it's the bugs splattered on my windscreen. NOW, spring is here.

I had an interesting little conversation with myself yesterday. It went something like this:

I don't feel so well.

I'm just malingering.

But I am so tired.

That's just the time change.

But I ache, expecially my legs.

I've just been sitting too much.

And I am chilled, when the thermometer here says it's warmer than my apartment.

Unexplainable chills is why I BOUGHT the thermometer. duh.

My skin tingles and prickles when anything brushes against it I got into a chemical I shouldn't have? I can't be sick! CAN'T!

That's classic sign of fever, that is. I'm getting the digital thermometer

It's going to say 'normal'. I just know it.

Would you look at that. Low grade fever fershure, right there. I really AM sick.


About 4 am I woke in a sweat and have felt fine since. But every single symptom was so mild, I wouldn't have paid it any mind by itself.

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