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Oh, the sweet feel of success.

A line of stitching GREATLY increases the paints' adhesion. Yay! And the flat paint that was kind of pushed through the weave (as if with a paint brush, rather than just poured on) is pretty well stuck to the paper underneath. This is good (the silver fabric is currently Wonderundered to the sleeves' base fabric). Need to remember to pick up some fine, ball-point needles, however, because standard needles snag the heck out of this silver fabric.

I forgot to mention another first. I altered a basic sleeve pattern to add elbow ease. And my muslin says I seem to have gotten it right. Yay!

Today may well involve deciding the top line of the overskirt (hard to call it a waistband when it won't be at the waist) and then figure out how to add the bridal trim without puckering the fabric. Is that what the 'Sulky Stablizer' I see at Hancocks is for?

This project has been very empowering, what with all the new things and overcoming challenges, and I wouldn't even of thought of it on my own. Thanks, auroraceleste
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