Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Spent most of yesterday afternoon with auroraceleste helping get the beading done on her costume. This was a group effort including malinear, affreca and queza7. Very good company, all. But I don't think we even got half way done.

auroraceleste's partner is wonderful and not only got us food, but made us dessert, too! Brownies covered in Cinnamon Caramel swirl with Pecans ice cream. It was VERY good. (Does this mean he approves of us, auroraceleste?)

Watched my first episode of BSG ever. I am afraid it did not leave a good impression.

But I had a strange realization about halfway through the afternoon. Not only was I the oldest one there.... I think I was the eldest by about 10 years (maybe only 7 or 8, but still....). I was the Old Woman of the group. :O But it made me feel a little less guilty as I settled more firmly in my seat on the couch as my youngers moaned and groaned while sitting on the floor. But hey, I am essentially pain-free* today, which I was kind of not expecting, with all the sitting-and-beading.

I put the Lilith corset on again yesterday and it was So Darn Comfortable, I really need to make it again, (with a busk), remembering the 1/2 inch seam allowance, rather than the 5/8th. Hmmmm, which fabric....

Earth to Solan: Finish the Lilith costume first! >:(

*That is, as pain-free as my lower back gets nowadays.

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