Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

More Lilith. Duh.

I made the shoulder guard... thing. Or, at least, the part that goes over the arm. I need to make the part that sits on the shoulder itself. That won't be hard.

I used tag board to determine the size and shape I wanted, then I did some experiments to see how much the Fosshape (a kind of felted stuff that compacts and hardens when steam ironed) shrunk. Looks like it shrinks about a quarter inch per starting inch. Then I cut out the amount of Fosshape I thought I would need (plus a little) and ironed it over a humidifier tank. lol. But, hey, it worked, didn't it?

Then I used my tag board pattern to both determine the Fossshape's final shape (and cut it out that way) and to mark the shape on the fabric I planned to cover the Fosshape with. I used a black pen to draw my best impression of the pattern the guard should have and cut the fabric out with a ~1 inch allowance.

Then I used basting spray on the fabric, smoothed it over the Fossshape and used hot glue to attach the allowance to the back of the Fosshape.

Don't laugh, it worked!

Tags: lilith

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