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Costume Con 25

Led out on a dark stage, glasses-less and blind. The bells are strangely quiet. The stage ninja lets me know I am 'set'.

Left hand - just so. Right hand - just so. Head - tilted. Smile - small. NOT LARGE, small.

*shimmy to ring the bells*

And we were OFF.

And we ROCKED.

One Master, two Journeymen and three Novices walked (okay... bounced, squeed, glommed and shimmied) off with "Best in Show - Workmanship" and "Best in Class - Recreation, Master Class". We all got the plaques to prove it! (of course, we are now all Masters, too, and can't really enter these costumes anywhere but WorldCon and NASFIC, but, hey! WE WON! SQUEEEEEEEEE!)

malinear has some pictures up at from the Green Room. I should, soon, have access to the official photos, as well. (I do hope the link works)

If it weren't terribly unethical, I would likely have a narcissistic copy of the official DVD posted somewhere to share, but..... no.

malinear also has a write up of her experience. I suppose I should do the same.

auroraceleste and I headed out of Lawrence Thursday afternoon. My costume just needed a couple finishing touches, but auroraceleste still had some work to do. This is traditional, actually. If you manage to complete your costume ahead of the con you plan to first show it at, you WILL be insane enough to think up something NEW to make, just so you aren't actually done on time.

We stayed with the lovely and gracious darkgaze2002 and family Thursday night. And she FED us the next morning! (Yahoo Maps leaves a bit to be desired at times and I ended up heading the wrong way on Olive, but we made it anyway.) Then auroraceleste and I headed to the hotel. Things start to blur a bit at this point. I know we got signed in, and auroraceleste got to her ICG meeting. Then there was a good bit of..... costume completing! When malinear, Brian and Nicki arrived, it just kept going! (actually, Nicki's costume was done. And she only got roped into this two weeks ago!). Later that evening awelkin and her wonderfully helpful husband arrived and our set was complete. squeeeee! darkgaze2002 also arrived that evening and dived into helping with the costumes. (SHE won two awards for her entry into the Historical Masquerade. Grats to darkgaze2002!)

At this point, I STILL have not put on the costume. :O That didn't actually happen until the Green Room. Scary stuff.

Three A.M. Saturday morning I wake to an upset stomach. Not surprising you say? Well, the diarrhea I am STILL battling can't have been just nerves. Bah. But we managed to make it stop for the contest. I live a charmed life, I am telling you.

And everyone was so very understanding about it, too. Bryon (awelkin's husband) ran out to get me Imodium and he and awelkin brought me back Pedialyte later. I nearly cried. It also tasted good to me, which is a bad sign.

Keep in mind that background, because, over all, I had the most WONDERFUL weekend. This little band of people ROCK and we had a grand time. I am sure winning didn't hurt, but it wasn't everything.

We cobbled together a little skit for our presentation and awelkin's and auroraceleste's experience helped tremendously. Our music was the line 'Avert Not Thine Eyes' from the series, then a bit of the Title music, then (this makes me giggle) the Cain and Abel fight music as 'Coronation' music.

The lights stayed down until after the line 'Avert Not Thine Eyes', at which point the come up on, well, me and the music starts. I shimmy to make the bells ring and start to dance to the side of the stage (the right side to the audience. That's stage right, right? :p). Then Abel comes on, and makes his way to me, without actually acknowledging the dead woman who shouldn't be there.

Then Cardinal Sforza walks on, bless the audience and stands at stage left (assuming I have the right right.) Ion walks on, makes a courtly bow to the Cardinal and takes up position just to the left of center. Music change to the 'Coronation' music and Sister Kate (the hologram.... who is known to somehow serve tea) walks on with the crown and presents it to the Cardinal. Esther enters from center, walks to the Cardinal and is crowned (she couldn't actually get her arms up high enough to properly crown herself), we all move up-stage in a line (Ion offers his white rose to Esther) and it's lights out.

Sunday is a very large blur, but I do remember darkgaze2002's performance. So graceful, friendly and self-possessed!

There's quite a bit more, but I am Teh Tired (not to mention, Teh Dehydrated and Teh Hungry)
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