Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Dear Weather,

Can we stop it with the cold now? Those 80 degree days can come back any time now.

Any time....NOW.

With warm thoughts,


Dear Subconcience,

I really could have done without that image you surprised me with at 4:53 this morning. REALLY could have done without it. I am not going to describe it (and maybe set it more firmly in memory); you know which one I mean. After all, you have flashed it before my mental eyes three times since I woke up. Stop. It.

No love
Distressed Mother.


Dear Procrastination,

Please take your hooks out, at least for a bit. Taxes really need to be done and I no longer have 'lots of time'. Oh, and the check book really needs to be balanced this month. Out-lay is sure to need some calibration.

Are you listening to me?! I really mean NOW.

Worry Meter


Dear Obsession,

Yes, I understand costuming is all your rage right now, but four costume ideas at once? Can we be reasonable here? Please?

Are you listening to me?! I swear, you are as bad as Procrastination.

No love for you, either,

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