Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I planned to do this before even reading rowangolightly's journal.

When I would grumble ... no, whine about (trival) problems in my young life my mother would said 'count your blessings'. I hated that. I wanted sympathy and she (or so I thought) essentially said 'Suck it up, privileged child." Now, older and (I hope) wiser, I see her point much better.

So, since things are stressful still at work, a short list of my blessings.

My family, even my 80-somethings grandmothers, are all in good health (for our respective ages, of course)
My family all gets along.
I have friends, for all I don't get out much right now.
My son actually enjoys going to school and is learning the things he needs to learn.
My hair is easy to take care of, even when long. Heck, I forgot to brush it this morning and really couldn't tell.
My hair may not be getting longer, but I can feel the ends brushing the backs of my arms below my short sleeves - this makes me happy.
My job is pretty darn secure right at the moment.
I have shelter
I have enough food
I don't have to worry over which bill to pay, I just have to stop procrastinating so bad about getting that done.
I have skills that let me make pretty things, for all I have no real talent with brush, pen or chisel.
There are other interesting people interested in the same hobbies as I am.
I am prosperous enough to go to conventions that interest me, even if I am homebody enough to rarely go far.

that's a pretty good start.

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