Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I got the oddest hitchhiker this morning

A snail. I can't remember the last time I have even SEEN a snail, and there one was on my passenger-side window. I fear it blew off about the time I hit 23rd street, poor thing.

Went home from work early on Wednesday, not feeling well, then had dizzy spells several times that evening. Stayed home Thursday, and had none. Go firgure. But the day off did me good.

Gas was $2.99 at most places, but only $2.85 at the Quick Trip. Can't explain that one.

It's still a mad house here at work. I do not like this. Not at all.

One thing about WoW, you can put impromtu groups together on the fly. A level 63 Rogue was obviously after the same mobs I was, so I asked if we couldn't work together, rather than against. He was willing and I am very glad. Either he was really good, or we just worked really well together. Or both.

He would sneak up to the mob, I would hit it with Vampiric Embrace, getting it's attention, he would stun, I would hit it with Shadow Word: Pain and a Mind Blast. At this point, it would come out of stun with my death on its mind. The Rogue did something to slow it, while I did Mind Flay, slowing it further. By the time I finished the second Mind Flay, it would be dead, and would not of reached me, most times.

We found more quests in common and finished those off, too. Even in cramped quarters, we did really well together. And, he kept up with my level 67 Shadow-specced Priest's damage, too. I was quite impressed. Name of Zecks, so I remember to put him on my friends list.

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