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Good: Got some vicarious sewing done by helping clevermanka… - Melodramatic, corsetted mistress of the obscure
May 21st, 2007
12:29 pm


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Got some vicarious sewing done by helping clevermanka make a corset with the Simplicity 9769 pattern. Much squeeeing there and it's just too fun to hug a woman in a corset, 'deed it is.
Had a relaxing weekend of WoW and taking Thomas to see Shrek III (quite enjoyable but perhaps not "OMG GO SEE!")
The weather was delightful and all my windows are open.
Happily stayed off the streets in Lawrence on graduation day.
Ticket to Ride with friends tonight.
This coming weekend is ConQuest and I have Friday off work.

Had to come back to work.
I am in charge of shipping out a batch, the release of which I have no control over. If it doesn't go out on time it will, of course, be MY FAULT.
Said batch will likely get released on Friday... my day off.
Nitpicking, micromanaging client.
Other client that only answers PARTS of the list of questions I really rather need answered.
Stressed-out group members, because we are ALL under the same types of pressures.

I feel all worn down, or maybe used up.

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