Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Much better headspace today. Not sure the whys or wherefores, but I don't think I will question it too strongly - it might go away.

Was beaten at Ticket to Ride twice last night, but FINALLY got a score over 100, so I seem to be making progress. I would like to know why the game gives me a headache, however. This is now two for two, even being in totally different places (and totally different hair styles - I blamed the hairstyle the first time.) 'Tis odd. Perhaps I need to make an eye appointment.

Oh, this is rather old news, but my 'neferious' plan in WoW works VERY well. Making a healer (especially a priest) means I get asked to instances pretty much ALL THE DARN TIME. I hate saying no, too. But it sure made leveling fast, not to mention gearing up. :p I think the only other character type I could have made that would have had the same popularity would have been a Warrior. Instances always need a tank.

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