Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Everyone knows it's 'windy'

I am reminded of a joke:

Why is it so windy in Kansas?

Because Nebraska sucks and Oklahoma blows.

Made yesterday's drive home interesting and knocked out our power for a bit. This morning, I stepped out into soft, but energetic, air and thought 'storm!' it just had that feel. If we don't get storms today, I will be very surprised. I left my car windows up in anticipation, so, if it doesn't storm, my car will be rather oven-like when I go to leave this afternoon.

Apparently, pool days already started up at my son's school (yes, they take the kids to the pool in the afternoons) and I hadn't realized it (I should have, seeing as how Memorial Day is behind us) so I was a touch early when I arrived to pick him up.

I get him tonight, too, because he's going to Virginia on Friday for a two week vacation/visit with his paternal grandpa. This maeans I may or may not be at Sewing Meet-up this evening, depending on his mood.

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