Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

adammaker says I need the 'I'm so blogging this' icon for this.

Barring that, I went for 'Oh, no! She didn't!', instead.

The new managment, in their (debatable) wisdom instituted something they called 'On the Spot' awards, which are $100 rewards we can just pretty much give away to anyone we want just by filling out a little form.

Problem is, of course, that with corporate America the way it is, "On the Spot" means 'in about three weeks'.

But you all knew THAT part, I am sure.

In their defense, the checks are actually for $100, even after taxes are taken out. Gotta appreciate that.

How do I know? I got one today.

No one actually remembers who nominated me or why, however.....

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