Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I have been skimping on sleep recently in favor of reading and WoW. *sleepy blink* It seems to be catching up with me.

Really disjointed dream this morning, which I won't bore you with the details of, short of this: It's rather amusing (now that I am awake) to comtemplate the morphing of popcorn to fuzzy popcorn-shaped baby birds, to thumb-sized piglets with wings. No, it doesn't make sense to me, either, but neither does a window disappearing or a pool full of seals and killer whales.

Did something TOTALLY new in WoW last night. No, not the respecing back to a healing spec part. The 'going into a raid instance for the very first time with a whole raid that had never been there before, either' part. With some attunment requirements removed, the guild decided to go to Tempest Keep: The Eye and take on the Void Reaver. I tell you, I am glad I wasn't more than a grunt, but it WAS very interesting to see strategies evolve.

We did not, however, manage to take the Void Reaver down. The Arcane Orbs (every three seconds with 20 yard radius on explosion - damn you, Blizzard, for sadists) were just a bit much to deal with. I could survive ONE, but if I got caught in an overlap, or ran into another right after catching one, it was game over. They target a random player, then shoot (slowly, I admit) to where the player was when it was shot off. Thus, you CAN get away clean, but, well. every THREE seconds. There were at least three in the air at all times.

After a while, if there are too many deaths, there are fewer to share the targeting 'honor' and its rather hard to do more than Heals-over-Time while on the run. Not to mention, we had to be so spread out most people were out of heal range. We know it's doable, because it's been done, but....

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