Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Clairol's "Natural Instinct" now has a color they call 'Redwood' that looks (on the box) exactly the same as their 'Cinnaberry'. However, I rather like the results better than 'Cinnaberry'. If I am REALLY lucky they bought Loreal's semi-permanent colors and this really is my totally favored 'Redwood' from Loreal. Hey, I can dream, can't I? And it really is looking more like I want than 'Cinnaberry' did. Maybe my hair just wasn't properly prepared before. Time will tell, I suppose.

It was ever so good to see Thomas this weekend; I had missed him. However, when I took him back to his dad we were told Thomas' step-sisters' father (that makes him the ex of my ex's wife) had been in a fatal car accident over the weekend. I don't know if Thomas was truely deeply effected, or he was doing a typical 9-year-old 'I know I am supposed to react somehow, but what exactly am I feeling... Oh, sad, I am supposed to be sad' thing. I know I feel for his step-sisters - they hadn't had a close relationship with their dad, but he was trying to 'win' them back. In fact, they had been visiting him at the time. gods.

Looks like they are up to paving 'my' exit from east I-435 to north 71. I will be very glad when I don't have to take the detour anymore.

I got to join in on the guild's second (third?) kill of Magtheridon on Sunday. And I only died AFTER wipes were called. Do you KNOW how rare that is?!

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