Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

So tired

I have been sick and sleeping a lot this week. Did a half day of work yesterday and hope to manage a full day today.

On the other hand, when not sleeping, I have been reading. Read the second book of The Sharing Knife by Lois McMaster Bujold. I don't regret reading it, but it's not Paladin of Souls by any stretch.

Also read one by a 'guilty pleasure' author, Johanna Lindsey. I think it was 'The Devil that Tamed Her', but the title never really stuck with me. That one... the basic story outline was interesting, but some of the twists had my head tipping to one side and I nearly quit reading early on until my emergency-back-up-disbelief-suspender kicked in. It was a near thing.

Another 'guilty pleasure' author (and considering that was the title of the first book I ever read by her, it's appropriate) is Laurel K Hamilton. I read 'Harliquin' this past week. sigh. While I still think she's keeping the sex (at there's ALOT of it) interesting, the editing is really falling down. Heck, I didn't actually map it out, but I think her time line totally Did Not Work. As in, more time passed for one character than for another and too much time was strunched into too few hours. ugh. As for the 'story'... it's porn, it's just that the 'hang time' is more interesting than most. She hasn't manage to ruin my favorite character yet (Jean Claude) but mostly by leaving him strangely mysterious (Anita has NEVER quite acted characteristically where he was concerned, so maybe it isn't quite so 'strange' after all).

The fact that it took me over a week to pick the book up should give a good indication of what I was expecting, eh? Yet, I am still looking forward to the next Merry book. I find the 'power reveals' amusing, after all.

EDIT: Oh! And I also finally watched 'Vanity Fair'. That left me so darn melancholy it's not funny. (Or, maybe it is funny, melancholy being... oh, nevermind.)

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