Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I finally got around to downloading and installing the 'Knights of the Nine' official plug-in for Bethsoft's Oblivion. Calling it a plug-in is a bit of a misnomer as it's a decent-sized new quest line with really pretty toys as rewards.

You start out going on a Pilgrimage. Now, I had done this one by accident long before the plug-in, which makes me wonder if this plug-in was meant to be in the original, or they are just really good at pre-purposing things that didn't have much purpose to begin with. Another mystery I can't solve is: if that first Pilgrimage wiped away all Infamy, as I didn't have any at the time. All that I have read tells me it certainly does now (and you can do it over and over, if necessary) because you have to have 0 Infamy to use the cool new toys the quest line gives you. You know - Champion of all that is Good and Pure and all that.

I do wonder, also, if I had to use the shrines marked on the map the Prophet gave me, or if I could have used any (there are several shrines to each of the 9 gods scattered around the landscape - I KNOW I used different ones the very first time I completed the Pilgimage all unknowing). The map was... interesting. I am grateful they kept the detail on it the same as the detail in the navigation map, or I would never have found the damn things. :( But I digress.

Turns out I have a knack for jumping the gun on these quests. While looking for one of the shrines I stumbled on the entrance to an Aylid ruin... underwater... unmarked on the map.... I thought it was a 'back entrance' as some of the dungeons have and explored to find the front entrance.

No, it was actually my next step after the pilgrimage. Ha! Made it darn easy to find when the time came, let me tell you.

For the most part, the over all quest line was easy to follow. The TESTS, on the other hand, not so much. Specifically the Mace and the Boots.

I went for the Mace first, because I could get to them the easiest. I clicked on the saint's statue and was transported.... but fell in the void. Three times. At this point I got a quest pop-up telling me perhaps I need to go find the other pieces first and a solution will present itself.


Fine. The gauntlets were pretty easy, but then I went for the boots.

The Bear ended up a bit of a stumper and I finally gave up and used a walk-through. That's all I am saying.

At no point did I get any information about that Mace. But I will tell you this - I could walk over to it at this point.

The rest wasn't really subtle. An oversized scroll sitting on a table that wasn't a spell scroll? yeah, that's got 'important' written all over it. A captive crying out to be freed? ditto.

Oblivion is an odd game, because you don't really want to level. All the mobs level WITH you, but I swear they get better stats. You really want to design your character so it's SKILLS increase much faster than its level. That being said, I did all this at level 1. I do believe the toys this quest gives are a touch over-powering at level 1. Too bad. ;)

My guild took down three big bosses in four hours. Void Reaver, Magtheridon and Gruul (which necessitates the taking down of the High King Maulgar and attendants)

I still can't survive Void Reaver's Arcane Orbs but I survived the longest I ever have this time. Died on Magtheridon just as I was supposed to click the cube on the third to last click (still don't quite know what killed me... cave in? the ring of fires I had to go through to get to the platform? both? not sure) but kept my head enough to announce my death on Vent and the cube that still needed clicking and someone else took up the slack. yay for teamwork! I suddenly can't remember if I survived Gruul, or if he got me right at the end, but it was getting kind of late by then. Oh well. I got a pretty purple sash out of all of it and my first use of DKP (a point system for distributing loot) Aydena is currently wearing the belt so you should be able to see it here

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