Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

That previous post reminded me.

I can be kind of funny about voices. (am I alone in this? I don't think so, but..)

When I first joined Foederati I would listen in on the raid chat in Ventrilo, partly for entertainment, partly to start to recognize the voices of my guildmates.

There was one other reason. ;) When I told my brothers that I really liked the sound of the raid leader's voice they were unanimous in going 'ew! You like Darkloky?!" No, my brothers, I hardly know him, but I do like the sound of his voice. I am not sure they have quite forgotten they decided I have cooties for that so I am loath to mention to THEM that there's a new guildmember with a voice .... well, he could be reading out of the dictionary and I would listen. LOL Worst part is, I could TOTALLY believe the man an airline pilot, there's just that cool, calm, smooth, I-got-this-under-control-don't-you-worry quality to his voice. No, I don't think I will mention this to my brothers unless I REALLY want to tease them - they just don't understand.

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