Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I am giving Canterbury Tales a try for the first time in my life (never had to for school, which I find surprising for some reason. But, by golly, I had to 'do' The Great Gatsby three frickin' times.)

Anyway. I am finding it slow going, as I have to pay rather strict attention to be sure I understand what's going on. One problem I am found while reading the introduction to the characters was this: Should I take what is written at face value? Read between the lines? Or understand the author meant the opposite of what was written? My back brain is telling me something isn't quite what it seems, but I can't decide if that really true, or if I am just not familiar with the turns of phrase and imagery.

Anyone know? Should I just break down and get the Cliff notes (for precisely what they were ostensibly written for, even.)?

A bit of snark: the author says he will elucidate what the characters wear, but really did the literary equivalant of a vague swipe with a dusting cloth. ;)

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