Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Oh, thank goodness

The sewing fairy is visiting me again! (wait, I am happy about that?)

Actually, I think it's been trying to visit for a while, but Lilith made me deaf to the knocking. It finally got through yesterday, of all days, when I wanted to devote the whole day to the new Harry Potter book (the book won, but it took me until midnight to actually finish). But today, it's all sewing.

The pattern that has struck my fancy is this one

I went looking for some quilting cotton prints for view B, with the express intent of getting contrasting or complimenting patterns.

Then I saw this

And pretty much had a fabricgasm on the spot. It was very nearly indecent, but I controlled myself.

I decided that the major color in the 'fill in' pattern was my best bet for contrast. See for yourself.

This will have to wait for tomorrow, I think, but it will be fabulous

drpaisley might just like this

Personally, I don't quite know why I own this as it's really not my style, but own it I do. It's a 100% polyester 'chiffon' and it flows nicely, but... 100% polyester? Am I sure I even bought this?! Regardless, it is becoming view E this evening. Like I said, it flows nicely.

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