Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

The two skirts are now done, but I finished the cotton one too late to bother with pictures. Tonight, perhaps. The quilting cotton is a little too stiff for the pattern, I think (isn't it always just a little too stiff for... well, any clothing?) but it was a dream to sew together. Pity the patterns of both are so busy that photographs will just make them look muddy.

The cotton skirt made me realize that my posture sucks. I have to really pull my hips in to make it hang right and that's not the most 'relaxed' pose for me. I have more of the S-curve corset posture. :p

Today we start filling a controlled product into capsules. We will continue to do precisely that for the next five working days. Oh. Joy. I just don't see how anyone can go through 263,000 capsules in a CLINICAL TRIAL. And this is just ONE concentration, they want us to make three others. This isn't even taking into account the PREVIOUS batchs of this stuff we have made. Where is it all going, I wonder.

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