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Buena! Simply buena!

Okay, I watch too much Mucha Lucha on Cartoon Network. I am soon to start quoting Buena Girl. ('THIS is NOT buena!")

I had a WONDERFUL time. Words aren't enough. SWOONING doesn't express it. I am exhausted, but disappointed we are not to play more today. The costumes, the flirting, the playing, the seeing people, the teasing of small boys who will NOT kiss a lady's hand....

Actually, I am near tears at the thought that I will not get to play this coming weekend. Maestro said he needed to change the schedule because he couldn't cover all the Jousts which is sure to change the schedule of the Spanish court (this weekend the ladies watched the 3 o'clock joust and the whole court watched the 5 o'clock joust. I have been tomenting myself with embarrassement because I didn't play enough. But I need to grill the knights about what I can and can't get away with.... but only if Maestro leaves us the jousts!) Maestro is sure to have something new for next weekend AND I WON'T BE THERE TO FIND OUT! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breathe in

Breathe out

Breathe in

Breathe out

Okay, I am calm now. But this is the stuff my nightmares are made of (literally) so I better just stay away from the subject.

The good stuff was myriad, obviously, or I wouldn't be so high today, exhausted tho I am.

The handsome men of the courts to flirt with, patrons to charm, 10-year-old boys too shy to kiss a hand to tease (WHY is that so much fun? Issues from my childhood, most likely. ;) )

One incident that stands out just now happened on Monday. In the shop next to the mask maker was a large man with a full beard hold a cute baby wearing only a diaper (it was hot). The baby was sitting contently until Javier (Captain of the Spanish guard) came up to talk. Then the baby started wiggling and reaching for his doublet, with all it's shiny beads. Wiggle, wiggle, squirm, reach. I stepped closer because the conversation was interesting and the baby was cute and suddenly the man just handed me the baby. :D :D :D I accepted with surprise and delight. THEN, that wiggley baby laid his head right down on my shoulder and snuggled in and didn't move until it was time for the court to move on. So sweet! So delightful! So magical! Maybe I smelled like mom. ;)

As I was walking down to the cafeteria for breakfast today I noticed that it felt like I was half floating. Perhaps it's the 20 pounds I have lost, but I think it's that I wasn't wearing the heavy costume I have been wearing for 12 hours straight, three days in a row. ;)

Edit1: I find myself saying 'si' rather than 'yes'. Rather embarrasing!


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